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Join us!

After a bit of a dry spell, ACARA has awakened with many plans and ideas for the future and we want you to join us! None of us cares much for rigid structure or boring meetings (preferring to take our naps in the cosiness of our own homes). We feel meetings should be interesting, with a focus on hands-on learning. Between meetings we will be helping each other with projects of all sorts. Who knows? You may discover an unexplored area of interest! Worse things could happen... like snoozing through a boring meeting! Above all—HAM radio should be fun!

You are welcome to come to any of our meetings or events to check us out, or contact any of us via email links. Beginning in December 2011, we decided to try breakfast meetings for a bit, to see how we like starting the day with real hams and eggs. We will continue this until further notice, probably at Rosie's on Rte 7 in Middlebury, at 0700 on the first Saturday of the month. You are welcome to join us—it wouldn't hurt to contact Robin/N1WWW (see above) to be sure of the location and date/time of any particular month's meeting. If you’d like someone to contact you, check out the Contact page, and pick your target. If you want to throw caution to the winds and toss your lot in with us as we reinvent ourselves, use our printable application form and mail it right in along with annual dues as indicated.

Speaking of dues:

  • they are for the calendar year;
  • an increase to $10 was voted on and approved at the December '07 Annual Meeting and Dinner; a Family membership ($15) was added in 2013.
  • dues are used primarily to cover Field Day expenses, and for repeater costs;
  • dues include our sporadic emailed event/meeting updates (in lieu of a newsletter), an invitation to the members' Annual Dinner in December, and voting privileges.

Members should be sure to include an email address they check frequently, as 99% of our club communication is via email.

New to the ham scene? Just getting your toes wet? Start here.